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We all generously thank Kurt Halsey for drawing such a lovely drawing and giving us a name. Check out his website.

This is a community about the best thing ever:


And it's a community for a special group of ladies - my friends, mainly, and some of their friends too.

The Rules.

1a. You must be 18 or older.
1b. You must be female.
No exceptions. The age rule is for legal reasons. If your birth day and year is not on your userinfo page, you will not be allowed to join, even if someone vouches for you.

2. This community is members only.
It sounds elitist, I admit. I created this space for my friends and I, and it is only open to my friends and I. Also, being selective about membership will allow only people we feel be can honestly communicate with -- and isn't one of the biggest factors in good sex communication?

3. All entries must be friends only, and just about all of them will need an LJ Cut.
Because we may discuss some subjects here that we may not want our grandma capable of finding on Google, every post must be locked.

As for the LJ Cut, it is not necessary if you plan on posting a quick little post -- e.g., a link to an article we may enjoy, a quick question, randomly mentioning that your room mate walked in on you last night and you're mortified, etc.

However, if you're posting an entry longer than a line or two, please LJ Cut your text. We want this community to be as work safe as possible. Also, give us a quick description of what you're writing about. For example:

Hey ladies, I have a question about Ortho Tri-Cyclen!

( details behind this pseudo LJ Cut! )

All pictures will require an LJ Cut. No Bloody Exceptions.

4. Respect is mandatory.
I don't care if you agree with or condone someone else's sex life or practices - you will respect every one here and the choices they make with their lives.

5. All orientations are warmly welcomed here.
I'll be blunt: if homosexuality makes you squirm, you probably won't be very comfortable here at all. We're all a little homoflexible, to borrow a term my friend Sarah uses, and we want to be a community for women of all persuasions.

6. When you join, make a post introducing yourself.
In the future, we may have a survey for you to do. But for now, just give us all a little glimpse into your life. This may, people who may not be mutual friends with each other can feel more comfortable with each other.

7. Be honest. Be openminded. And most importantly, have fun.

Love and other indoor sports,
invisible__girlHayley, founder and moderator